1. Why is the cold belly easy to accumulate fat?

  • For a healthy body, the temperature of the abdomen is normal, the calories and nutrients we eat are digested and eliminated easily.  As for the body that is cold, the lower the temperature of the abdomen, the larger the abdomen will become when excess fat accumulates.
  • Once the abdomen is cold, the amount of fat is very easy to accumulate (because the fat mechanism is only burned in the area of ​​the body with heat-generating movement – consuming energy). Therefore, the more cold the stomach is, the more prone to belly fat. Especially people who have welded their stomachs and still do little sports.
  • Many people who eat often often have abdominal pain, cold stomach, bloating, gas in the abdomen. All these causes are caused by cold welding of the abdomen. If it is hot, gets heat from the inside, there will be a risk of causing gastritis, manifested as throbbing stomach pain, stomach pain.
  • At the abdomen is where 9 meridians run through. Here, when a tumor appears, it is easy to cause blockage, especially if the amount of fat in this area is stored a lot, it will reduce the ability to eliminate toxins. Many people are obese, often suffer from diseases related to cholesterol, low blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fats, etc. For obese people, when taking blood pressure-lowering drugs, blood sugar is not effective. Because the key reason is that we need to treat the fat in the abdomen first, the waist measurement is reduced, the new treatment will be highly effective.

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