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  • HERBAL BODY SCRUB: A gentle scrub to activate and prepare the body for detox cation. Clean and purify for smooth and revitalized skin.
  • ALOE VERA BODY WRAP: Exclusive soothing treatment, specially designed for sunburned, damaged skin to disinfect, reduce redness, and replenish nutrients whilst deeply relaxed.
  • HONGYAO HERBAL SOAKED: Soaking in a Jacuzzi bath with herbs will regulate circulation, repel fatigue, fight stress, help relax mentally, and better sleep.
  • HAIR WASH & BLOW DRY: We are dedicated to providing deep washing hair to nourish hair health from the inside out, restore the natural pH balance to the scalp, and minimize hair loss and scalp irritation. We are committed to cleaning, and re-energizing – spring clean your hair.

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