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  • FOOT MASSAGE: Reflexology is a foot massage technique aimed at relieving tension, muscular pains and stress by targeting specific pressure points in your feet. Relaxing, light and invigorating.
  • VIETNAMESE RELAXING MASSAGE: The gentle and graceful solution from light to medium force with hashing, squeezing, clawing, and pressing, associated with unique massage techniques promise an overall feeling of happiness.
  • CANDLE OIL MASSAGE: Massage with candles using 2 sources of heat from candle oil and massage force. This combination promptly gains heat to penetrate deep into the body, enhance blood circulation and clear all congestion.
  • THAI YOGA STRETCHING: The therapy is inspired by yoga movements to unclog muscles and release congested energy without using massage oils.
  • BAMBOO THERAPY: A treatment using Bamboo tubes technique combining with warm oil focuses on the lymphatic system in the back and legs, enhances the detoxification of the body, and improves mental health.
  • HOT STONE THERAPY: Relieve muscle tension using heat from crystallized basalt, a form of fine, flat volcanic rock.
  • FRESH HERBAL COMPRESS: A therapy enhances resilience using the penetration method with a fresh herbal warm poultice of mugwort, lemongrass, and ginger with salt. Its signature invigorates movements and relaxes the muscles.

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