That is:

  • Have the client wrap a hot towel.
  • Go to hot stone
  • Infrared sauna
  • Cupping

The above methods will help to expand the pores as well as the meridians and acupuncture points in the abdomen. After expanding, it will well absorb the nutrients in the herbal powder applied to the abdomen. Only then will our products be fully functional and effective. Don’t let your body get too cold or too hot. If the body is too hot, it will cause sweating and heat loss, causing the nutrients of the product to enter the abdomen to be released through the skin hair glands, the body’s sweat glands, and the nutrients in the skin. enough time to penetrate, so it is not effective.

  • Why is Ant Body herbal powder helpful for people with welding belly?

Because Ant Body herbal powder has herbal ingredients with heat properties such as ginger powder, cinnamon powder, dahlia powder … with sufficient content, when combined with incubation, it will create a warm, evenly distributed heat. into the meridians, penetrate deep into the adipose tissue, stimulate the fat breakdown process. This is a method of bio-thermic physics, cold shrinkage accumulates and heat expands cyclically. From here, we combine with the one-finger push to better separate the fat.

  • Customers should be advised to go home to increase drinking hot water to keep the body from getting cold. Waking up with a pressure belt, sleeping with a blanket across the abdomen.
  • Do not use heating belts, incandescent lamps to heat the abdomen after 24 hours of treatment. By doing so, the nutrients of the product entering the abdomen are released through their hair and sweat glands, the nutrients do not have enough time to penetrate, and are not effective.
  • Instruct the client to go home with a reasonable diet, advise the client to eat foods that warm the uterus, neutralize the abdomen such as ginger, wormwood, etc.

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